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iOS localization: Step-by-step guide

The process of localization is sometimes tedious and unorganized. Lokalise helps you solve this problem. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on enabling localization in your application and adding, managing and integrating localizations in your project. This tutorial is based...

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New: Screenshot filter, GitLab, DeepL and more

Do you want more from Lokalise? We’ve heard you, check below. Would you like to give your voice for anything that’s missing? Now you can add your feature asks and let others vote on our roadmap page. If not, as always, chat with...

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New: GitHub, Proofreading, Cloud storage integrations and more

There are new features and improved existing functionality. Spend a couple of minutes scrolling through the text and get an idea of what is new in Lokalise. GitHub two-way integration For you, GitHub users, a new feature that lets...

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New: Search, Sketch, Cross-project search and more

We’re keeping the pace shooting new features at you every now and then. Please support what we do, discussing your impression and suggesting new features and improvements in the in-web support chat. Our team highly appreciate that! Let’s list...

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New: Tasks, LiveJS, Mobile SDK localization insights and more

Exciting New Year’s presents formed this update. Tasks The long-awaited Tasks module is the ultimate replacement for notifications (R.I.P.). It’s a much better way for project admins to create and assign tasks and keep track of the task progress....

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Lokalise Live Edit app for iOS

Mobile app localization One of the strong sides of Lokalise is app localization. To showcase several of our features for mobile platforms, we have released Lokalise Companion App for iOS. The prerequisite for using the app is to have an account in...

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New: Custom admin rights, Filter 2.0 and more

Filter 2.0 It is important to focus on the information you need to work with, that’s why we’re introducing Filter 2.0. You may choose any of the predefined filters we’ve built (untranslated, fuzzy, leading whitespace, placeholder mismatch, by file, by...

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New: Teams, cleanup, project snapshots and more

We are happy to share our recently launched features and improvements that you may have missed. It is our biggest update ever with 16 new features.

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Integrating Lokalise into the world’s largest photo bank: the experience of Depositphotos

Depositphotos is an international photo and video bank founded in 2009 by the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Sergeev. Today the Depositphotos file collection includes more than 67 million images and videos. The company itself is present in about twenty markets...

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Keyboard shortcuts

We love shortcuts. Here are some you can use in Lokalise: Global: ⇧⌘P / ⇧-Ctrl-P – New project ⇧⌘O / ⇧-Ctrl-O – New order ⌘P / Ctrl-P – Go to project ⌘I / Ctrl-I – Chat on/off Editor: ⌘F / Ctrl-F –...

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