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Integrating Lokalise into the world’s largest photo bank: the experience of Depositphotos

Depositphotos is an international photo and video bank founded in 2009 by the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Sergeev. Today the Depositphotos file collection includes more than 67 million images and videos. The company itself is present in about twenty markets...

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Keyboard shortcuts

We love shortcuts. Here are some you can use in Lokalise: Global: ⇧⌘P / ⇧-Ctrl-P – New project ⇧⌘O / ⇧-Ctrl-O – New order ⌘P / Ctrl-P – Go to project ⌘I / Ctrl-I – Chat on/off Editor: ⌘F / Ctrl-F –...

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New: Live Edit Module, Project position bookmark and more

Hey! Some important stuff added to Lokalise in July and first half of August. Live Edit Module Live Edit Module of the iOS SDK in beta is live and kicking. We think we’ve just disrupted 💪 the usual way you...

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Android localization: Step-by-step

You may be building your first Android app or you may already have a few. Why are you creating them? Hopefully, you want your apps to grow and be used worldwide. But most of the world does not speak...

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Automating iTunes Connect deployment with Fastlane and Lokalise

Can you manage your iOS app’s metadata in iTunes Connect? It’s trickier than you think. Metadata are sections about your app: name, description and what’s new. At first, managing metadata is easy: you update one text file and copy its...

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Integrations: Deploying Lokalise into your workflow

“How do I integrate Lokalise into my deployment process?” All your answers are here, in one place. Bookmark this page for handy links to the latest list of Lokalise integration tools.

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New: Universal placeholders, Cross-key referencing and more

We’ve worked hard to deliver some exciting new features this month. Android SDK is out of beta, translation upvoting helps to establish higher quality requirements for medium and large translator teams, cross-key referencing saves time by linking the duplicates...

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iOS localization: Step-by-step

The process of localization is sometimes tedious and unorganized. Lokalise helps you solve this problem. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on enabling localization in your application and adding, managing and integrating localizations in your project. This tutorial is based...

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Using the same iOS and Android keys in multiplatform localization projects

That’s a common situation when you are developing your app for two and more platforms – say, iOS and Android, and some key names and values are the same and some are different. Lokalise can help you to avoid double translation work and stay clean...

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New: Android SDK, fuzzy translation memory, project activity and more

Hi there 👋 Important news – we’ve massively updated Lokalise recently. Trust me, it’s worth paying attention. Let me briefly list everything. Android SDK Android over-the-air SDK beta is available, please check it out! No need to terrorize users...

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