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Lokalise Blog Posts

API download URLs update

Information for Lokalise API users – we’ve made several important updates to our infrastructure and moved the files you export to Amazon S3 bucket. It should not break your scripts (✌️old URLs still work), however it is recommended to update your download URLs to avoid problems with http redirect. Instead of using as the prefix to fetch generated files, please use Thanks! 🤖

Glossary 2.0

Hi there and Happy New Year!  🎉🥂🍾

We are glad to announce new Glossary, the poweful tool to keep your translations in consistency. From now on, glossary suggestions will popup in the editor’s inline suggestion dropdown, but that’s not all – with new Glossary you set term definitions per language so they are being displayed to translator editing the according language 🇱🇻🇰🇪🇯🇵.

To access new Glossary, click the glossary icon from the project’s iconset menu.

Custom language ISO code for each export format

Hi there! It is often necessary to use different ISO codes when exporting to different platforms, for example iOS and Android use different ISO codes for Chinese. We have added this option, now it’s easy to adjust the ISO code per format you are exporting.

Simply click according language ISO code at “Downloads” page to change it. Lokalise will remember your preference for each export format separately. This function is not yet available over API.

Create key copies easily

We’ve added Duplicate Button to the (best in the world) language file editor ? Now you can quickly make a copy of one or several keys in the editor (both multi and single view). To make copies of multiple keys, select them in editor and choose “Duplicate…” from the blue floating popup. All the language translations, screenshots and other key properties are copied as well.

E-mail notification system improvements

As per multiple requests we have rebuilt the notifications system. Now, you can choose between instant, daily or weekly e-mail notifications on comments to keys or project chat feed. In addition, you can subscribe to the monthly digest of the feed you are reading now, just in case you miss something. You can find all the settings under Account > Notifications.

Replace line breaks with \n

New switch at Downloads page. Turn on Replace line breaks to replace actual line breaks with \nwhen exporting. This feature is not available in API yet (we are working on it).