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Through Spreadsheets to the Stars: the Story of TransferGo

We all love stories. Stories of success, in particular. Stories that we can relate to and inspire ourselves with.

Today’s story is about a project that started back in 2012. We are proud to be not just humble spectators of its vigorous growth, but also participators, offering our services as a localization platform. Please meet TransferGo, experts in international payments and cryptocurrencies with more than 800.000 users around the world!

Case study

Founded in 2012, TransferGo is one of the top UK money transfer companies. Since they signed up with Lokalise in January 2018, their localization workflow has undergone substantial changes.

In less than a year, TransferGo:

  • got rid of worksheets
  • created 5 projects in Lokalise with more than 5000 keys for 9 languages
  • came to handle 95% of the translations using the Lokalise marketplace
  • freed up developers’ time and improved the workflow

TransferGo representative Vytautas Šernas speaks about their recent experience with Lokalise emphasizing the challenges they had and reveals how Lokalise helped to overcome them. In about 8 months, they have completely moved from an obsolete Excel-based localization process to a lightweight and convenient solution using the Essential plan.

Integrating Lokalise into the world’s largest photo bank: the experience of Depositphotos

To conquer the overseas market, a business needs to do more than just translating texts and interfaces into other languages: it needs to adapt its product to meet the circumstances of each region, taking account of particular characteristics such as— currency units, systems of measurement, dates, even traditions and details of religion. Some firms do all this for themselves, others hire translators (ideally native speakers), and some make use of professional localization platforms. One such service, offering automation and management of translations, is Lokalise. Experts from the popular international photo and video bank Depositphotos have shared their experience of integrating it: they are localization manager Tatiana Grebenyuk and web developer Roman Drogolov. The conversation is summarized in two parts: firstly referring to the technical aspects of developing and integrating Lokalise in the product environment, and secondly dealing directly with matters of translation and of collaborating with translators.