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March 2019: Word/html support, Lokalise translations, TM 2.0, cross-project referencing

The first 2 months of 2019 are bringing you quite a number of novelties and improvements. Most of the below was triggered by requests with the most votes on You know what to do.

Document file support (beta)

We are introducing support for paged documents – literally the ones that are not key-value based. As a result, you can now upload, translate and download DOCX and HTML files without the need to create key entries what you might have been doing before. With this feature, you are able to use the same TM, MT suggestions, role management while translating both localization files and paged documents.

Start by creating a new project and choose the Documents project type in order to be able to upload paged documents. Currently the feature is in beta and is available from the Essential plan. Support for PDF, InDesign and other formats is coming soon.

Dec 2018: Editor updates, translating offline, chained tasks, and 11 other features

A new set of features, expected or positively-surprising, bam! We are happy to introduce 18 new functionalities in this update. Should you think we are missing any, please be sure to stop by and add your suggestions or vote for suggestions made by others.

Editor: Focus mode

Translators, one more treat for you. We believe that the Focus mode may help you to finish the job sooner. Do not be distracted by all the available bells and whistles when you just need to translate or review. In order to enable the Focus mode, first switch to the bilingual view.

August 2018: Bitbucket, QA widget, TM leverage, etc.

Throughout this summer, you should have felt the increased speed of both the API and web of Lokalise. We’ve refactored and optimized the backend and some of the functions, but also added new features which we list below. Please click on the links which interest you most. Remember, there’s always for you to request features which you might be missing or vote for existing requests you’d like to prioritize.

Screenshot Editor 2.0

May 2018: Screenshot filter, GitLab, DeepL and more

Do you want more from Lokalise? We’ve heard you, check below. Would you like to give your voice for anything that’s missing? Now you can add your feature asks and let others vote on our roadmap page. If not, as always, chat with us in the live in-web support.

Screenshot filter

Major upgrade to the screenshots feature! Now you can add tags to the screenshots to organize them into logical groups. Then you’ll be able to use the Screenshot filter button in the editor, in order to include only the keys linked to the selected screenshot groups. We’ve also added bulk actions to the Screenshots page.

March 2018: GitHub, proofreading and more

There are new features and improved existing functionality. Spend a couple of minutes scrolling through the text and get an idea of what is new in Lokalise.

GitHub two-way integration

For you, GitHub users, a new feature that lets you pull files from one or more of your GitHub repositories and create pull requests from Lokalise. You can find it among available integrations in their usual place, Project settings > Integrations. Learn more.

What’s new: Jan 2018

Exciting New Year’s presents formed this update.


The long-awaited Tasks module is the ultimate replacement for notifications (R.I.P.). It’s a much better way for project admins to create and assign tasks and keep track of the task progress. Translators will see Incoming task widget that lists all their current tasks along with the amount of work still to be done.

Lokalise Update – November 2017

Filter 2.0

It is important to focus on the information you need to work with, that’s why we’re introducing Filter 2.0. You may choose any of the predefined filters we’ve built (untranslated, fuzzy, leading whitespace, placeholder mismatch, by file, by tag, by platform, by context and many other) or create a completely custom one – of any complexity, really.

Keyboard shortcuts

We love shortcuts. Here are some you can use in Lokalise:


⇧⌘P / ⇧-Ctrl-P – New project
⇧⌘O / ⇧-Ctrl-O – New order
⌘P / Ctrl-P – Go to project
⌘I / Ctrl-I – Chat on/off


⌘F / Ctrl-F – Search
⌘K / Ctrl-K – Add key
⌘U / Ctrl-U – Replace
⇧⌘L / ⇧-Ctrl-L – Add language

Missing your favorite shortcut? Let us know in web chat widget!